The Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) Tuesday resumed sittings at Freedom Hall after pausing sessions due to various activities, including the just concluded 7th Governors Forum on Sunday evening.

Welcoming back members of parliament from the break, assembly speaker Jemma Nunu Kumba stated that sessions will continue to be interrupted until renovations at the parliament building are complete.

“Last week, the same venue [freedom hall] was used for the governors’ forum which ended late on Sunday evening. We will continue to face these challenges until we get our own place fixed. We hope by next year when we come back after the recess, we hope that our place will be available for us to use,” said Kumba.

She hopes that the remaining work at the parliament building will be complete before the end of the year so the lawmakers can return to their official chamber.

“What is remaining now for the main chamber is only the AC (air conditioner) the center AC that can cool the hall. Otherwise, everything else is finished. We hope that it will be fixed before we resume after Christmas,” She added.

Renovation at the parliament building started in May 2019. Members of parliament have been conducting their sessions at Freedom Hall for the last four years.