By Dedi Esbon Samuel

The Governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, who also double as chairperson of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party, has declared commencement of election campaign in his state in preparation for the December general elections. 

Governor Adil made the announcement on Friday at Rock City ground during the reception of his party’s prodigal members. 

According to Adil, the event was not only for receiving the members who shifted allegiance to SPLM, but also to make official announcement to the members that time for elections campaign in the state has approached. 

He called on SPLM carders in the six Counties – Juba, Terekeka, Lainya, Yei, Morobo and Kajokeji and Wonduruba administrative payam – to start campaigning.

“As the leader of the party (SPLM) in my state, I’m announcing that this is the beginning election campaign from today until president Salva Kiir and other SPLM leaders win the elections. And I’m certain that we shall reach 99.9%” Adil announced. 

This announcement came at a time when the electoral commission, whose responsibility in overseeing all the election processes is yet to give a green light for eligible parties to start campaign.

However, according to Adil, the election campaign will begin, and when time for the endorsement of president Salva Kiir in greater Equatoria approaches, members shall join the endorsement process.

“This is the beginning, then from here we’re going to Kajokeji and Morobo until where the time of endorsement finds us we’ll come for but we’re continuing with our election campaign to all counties”  

It’s worth noting that SPLM party has long expressed readiness to participate in December elections. This was signal by the endorsement of president Salva Kiir Mayardit as the flag bearer and candidate for the December elections last year.