The spokesperson of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) is hopeful that the supplementary budget will be tabled in parliament once lawmakers resume sittings.

The MPs are currently on recess and are expected to start sessions next week.

Speaking to Classic FM on Tuesday ahead of the resumption, John Agany, TNLA spokesperson said the additional budget is needed to fund the electoral institutions.

“As soon as we open I predict we will have the supplementary budget because we have institutions as per the agreement that are supposed to prepare for general elections and they are not budgeted for.”

Agany stressed that the supplementary budget will also address the 600 percent salary increment for civil servants and the organised forces as committed by the finance and planning minister last year during the presentation of the 2023/2024 fiscal year budget.

“Plus the promise that we made to our people when the last budget was passed, we said that 200 percent increment which was cut out from 600 has to come into supplementary budget. So definitely we are expecting a lot of activities next week.”

Last year, the national finance minister Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol pledged to table the supplementary budget five months after the parliament passed the 2023/2024 fiscal year budget. This did not happen. 

All eyes are now on the finance minister to present the budget as soon as the parliament resumes sessions.