By Denis Logonyi

Police in Rumbek town, Lakes State, are holding three suspects for killing a 19-year-old senior four student on Sunday last week.
Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac, Lakes State police spokesperson, says a student only identified as Bech, was killed by a gang while returning home from a nearby party.

“Last week an s.4 student by the name Bech while on his way back from the party, he was attacked by three crew members and was chopped with a panga, unfortunately the victim was evacuated to the hospital but later he succumbed to injuries and died,” Mabor said.

He says police managed to apprehend the suspects and are currently under custody for investigation.

He adds that Bech was also supposed to sit his senior four examinations, which are currently ongoing.

Mabor noted that such cases have increased in Rumbek, and the security is working hard to reduce on them.

“These cases are not something new but some other similar cases happened before but good enough used to apprehend the suspects and are sent to court,” he revealed.

Despite the IGP’s new orders, Mabor says they still have other measures to crackdown on organized crimes within the city but stressed that some usually go into hiding.

“When they hear there’s eviction taking place, they usually used to hide out then the security forces could not get them but whoever is found is immediately arrested,” he stressed.

In order to curb these crimes in Rumbek town, Mabor revealed that they are pulling a campaign drive to raise awareness on the dangers associated with criminality.

He has condoled the family of the deceased and appealing to parents to advise their sons to refrain from these acts in order not to lose them.

“In fact my advice is that first of all my heart condolences to the family of the victim for the loss of their beloved son, secondly I would like them not to take the law into their own hands to think of a revenge let them leave all issues to the hands of the government,” Mabor implored.

He added, “I’m also urging all the public, everyone who has a son to talk to their boys such that they refrain from such criminal activities.”

Since the launch of a nation-wide clampdown on the gang network by the inspector general of police, Gen. Atem Marol Biar, on 27th November, 2023, the South Sudan National police service arrested at least 300 suspected gangsters across the ten states and three administrative areas.