Lonely Planet has revealed its top destinations to visit in 2024, with Nairobi, Kenya, topping the list for a city break.

To commemorate the travel publisher’s 50th anniversary, fifty places were named to the annual “Best in Travel” list of trending destinations for the coming year in five categories: sustainable, value, cities, countries, and regions. Spain’s efforts in renewable energy, as well as Patagonia’s rewilding programs, top the list’s “sustainable” category, and might inspire an eco-friendly vacation.

The focus of the “cities” list is on Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, as well as Paris, which is preparing to host the 2024 Olympics, and Jakarta, Indonesia. Mongolia was awarded the Best in Travel country, along with Chile’s salt flats and Croatia’s “sun-kissed coastline.”

Top World’s top cities to visit in 2024


  1. Nairobi, Kenya
  2. Paris, France
  3. Montreal, Canada
  4. Mostar, Bosnia
  5. Philadelphia, USA
  6. Manaus, Brazil
  7. Jakarta, Indonesia
  8. Prague, The Czech Republic
  9. Izmir, Turkey
  10. Kansas City, Missouri