By Denis Logonyi

The Ministry of Labour has made an announcement regarding the Christmas and New Year holidays.

According to a circular issued on Thursday, the ministry has announced a public holiday from Sunday, 24th to Wednesday, 27th December 2023.

“The National Ministry of Labour hereby informs all the Civil Service Institutions, Commissions, Diplomatic Missions, UN Agencies, International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the Public at large that Christmas Holiday shall commence on Sunday, 24th December 2023 until Wednesday 27th December 2023,” the statement read.

During this time, employees and the public will break from work and other routine activities.

After Christmas celebrations, work is scheduled to resume on Thursday, 28th December 2023, allowing individuals to return to their regular work schedules.

It is a common practice to provide some time off during the festive season to allow people spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

Additionally, it should be noted that Monday, 1st January 2024, will also be observed as a public holiday, giving employees time to celebrate and welcome the new year.

“The Public is also informed that Monday, 1 January 2024 will be a public holiday and that all employees shall resume work on Tuesday, 2nd January 2024,” a statement read.

Work will resume on Tuesday, 2nd January 2024.

The notice from the labor ministry, helps employees and employers to be aware of these official holidays and plan accordingly.