By Dedi Esbon Samuel

Central Equatoria State minister of Finance and Investment, Viana Kakuli, on Monday tabled the proposed state budget for the Fiscal year 2023/2024 before the state parliament.

The budget totaling Twenty Billion One Hundred Ninety Million Six Hundred Ninety-Four Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty-One South Sudanese Pounds (20,190,694,751 SSP), is aimed at catering for Salaries and Wages, Use of goods and Services, Capital Expenditure, and other Expenditure respectively.

The State Government planned Expenditures allocated SSP 6,991,935,493 (35%) for Salaries and Wages, meanwhile Use of Goods and Services received SSP 7,353,643,117 (36%), while 5,221,030,875 (26%) was allocated to Capital Expenditure.

In addition, SSP 624,085,266 (3%), was allocated for Conditional Operational Transfers to Counties and Service Delivering Units.

While presenting the proposed budget in the assembly, Kakuli, said the budget resource envelop is to be financed by National government grants and State Owned Revenue (taxes and not tax revenues).

Minister Kakuli in her explanation on the allocation of the Resource envelop to various spending areas, noted increase in workforce due to the implementation of the new emolument and privileges of the constitutional post holders.

She also decried increase in the Use of goods and services.

“Use of Goods and services have also increased due to the huge spending on security challenges faced by the state. This is in addition to spending on travels, provision of fuel and lubricants, settlement of medical bills, provision of office equipment and materials for running for running the government machinery,” explained Kakuli.

The minister further called on the parliamentarians to deliberate and ensure approval of the budget in order to address issues arising in the state.

Peter Wani Kulang, speaker of the state parliament upon receiving the proposed budget, referred it to the committee of Finance for scrutiny and presentation after 21 days.

“I therefore refer this budget to the committee of finance fro scrutiny. The committee is to be given 21 days to work through the budget as time frame for the work of the committee,” directed Kulang.